Ezos ! is a very juicy 100% Natural Fruit Juice Brand. These drink cans are not just simple juice but it contains chewable fruit pieces, with no artificial flavors,no colors,no preservatives,more secure,more health. The range consists of 5 exotic fruits including mango, coconut, lychee, guava and passion fruit.

Ezos! est une marque de jus de fruits 100% naturel très juteux. Ces cannettes de boissons ne sont pas de simples jus mais contiennent des morceaux de fruits à mâcher, sans arôme artificiel, sans colorant, sans agent de conservation. La gamme se compose de 5 fruits exotiques dont la mangue, le coco, le lychee, la goyave et le fruit de la passion.


What is a fruit made of? Some leaves, a skin, somes pips or stones, and its juice. Here, the fruit is minimally represented. The combination of shapes and colors is enough for the consumers to recognize what is in the can.

What is a fruit? It is composed by its leaf, its skin, its pips or its stones, and its juice. This project highlights the fruit components by illustrating in a simple way the different elements of the fruit. The soft drinks range of Ezos! is a set of 5 references of 5 exotic fruit juice. Each pattern corresponds to a flavor of the range.

Mango RectoLychee Recto
Mango VertoLychee Verso
Guava RectoCoconut
Guava VersoPassion