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« In the moment we are born, we are drawn to form a union with others. An abiding drive to connect, to love, and to belong. In a perfect union, we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves. But its strength cannot be known until it is tested. »                                                                          From « Revenge ». 

To connect 

I was born with many complications, that is why my parents always treat me like a fragile child. I would never blame them for anything because to me, they are the most incredible people in the whole world ; raising a son like me was definitely not an easy task. However at the same time, being overprotected is not necessarily a good thing either! I remember in elementary class, I was always standing in the courtyard all by myself, watching the other kids play. I was unable to connect with my classmates : I was too shy to talk, too scared to ask, and too lost to play. Luckily, in fourth grade, I met my very first best friend with whom having a conversation doesn’t make knots in my stomach. And it took me 15 years to realize what was the strength that shaped that connection : unlike me, that friend is talkative, confident and strong. 

To love 

To love goes hand in hand with to sacrifice. Many people « choose » to give up their child for adoption, but did they really « choose »? I don’t think after 9 months of hardship going through pregnancy, a mother can « choose » to never see her child growing up. In fact, Love drives her to give her newborn the best chance, despite full acknowledgement that she will no longer be part of that baby’s life. 

We cannot choose our parents and neither can we for our sexuality. Some people might think that homosexuals live in the dark because they are afraid of what people think. However the truth is, they do not care about what people say. When gay people make the decision to hide their gender, they are choosing to live for the people they love. They are willing to sacrifice and to keep all the pressures to themselves. 

To belong 

We all seek for the perfect union, which most of time leads to the idea of « putting a ring on it ». « To belong » is rather more appropriate for the jealous individuals, the ones that are unwilling to share. It also means to put a limit to freedom, a commitment to someone. ‘MY’ girlfriend, ‘MY’ boyfriend, ‘MY’ wife, ‘MY’ husband ; I guess we all want to be somebody’s ‘MY’. What we yearn for most, is to belong somewhere, to find our Home. « Home » but not necessarily « House », because it is not a matter of destination, but simply somewhere to give and receive love, hope and safety. 

The strength of the union completes you, it might not understand you but it will accept you no matter what. 


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